Will Blockchain Put the Final Nail in the Cable Coffin?

2 May

Will Blockchain Put the Final Nail in the Cable Coffin?

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Will Blockchain Put the Final Nail in the Cable Coffin?

Traditional television faces massive disruption from online streaming services. 15% of Americans have canceled their cable packages (making them cord-cutters), while 9% have never had a cable or satellite subscription (cord-nevers). Online streaming content providers are taking up a bigger and bigger slice of TV viewership, but is there a technology out there that can finally replace expensive and inconvenient cable packages once and for all?

Many companies argue that we already have such a technology: blockchain. TOK.tv and SuccessLife are launching blockchain video platforms that demonstrate how this technology could ultimately kill cable.


A recent survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers concluded that,

“Live sports is one of the primary motivators keeping people connected to the cord.”

With 82% of sports fans respondents claiming they’d reduce or eliminate their cable subscriptions if they had other ways to access live sports. PwC also found that sports fans crave greater interaction and social connection with their favorite teams and fellow fans, observing:

“The social nature of live sports and the growth of entertainment options like fantasy sports make it particularly ripe for deepening relationships with viewers. 56% [of sports fans respondents] would like to have access to more interactive content, such as stats, exclusive interviews, and the ability to chat with other fans, while watching live sports.”

In light of PwC’s report, blockchain streaming platform TOK.tv is poised to become a cable killer. This platform already offers a highly popular app that boasts over 30 million users and partnerships with sports giants such as Real Madrid and the L.A. Clippers. Sports fans use the app to interact with other fans and friends around the world while watching live events.

TOK.tv allows millions of fans to talk to their friends, while watching a game on TV.

TOK.tv is now integrating blockchain into their platform.

Users exchange TOK tokens for access to highlight reels and other streamed content. TOK.tv plans to develop their team partnerships and eventually intends to offer full live-streamed and recorded events via secure blockchain transactions.

Personal Improvement

Self-improvement is big business, valued at almost $10 billion in 2017. And Millennials, the age cohort that’s driving streaming online video growth, are also behind the personal development industry’s booming growth. 94% of Millennials reported making personal improvement commitments in 2015.

This digitally savvy generation is looking for personal development education, and SuccessLife is launching a blockchain-based platform to give them that education.

SuccressLife is a payment solution for educational, personal and professional development industries.

SuccessLife is a new crypto venture from Success Resources, a group of companies with 25 years of experience providing educational events and seminars. Featuring speakers such as Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki, these events have helped 10 million attendees across thirty countries.

Learners can join the SuccessLife Marketplace using SuccessLife Tokens. They can purchase access to Success Resources event footage, personal coaching services, skills development courses, and user-generated educational content.

Personal development learners no longer have to scour YouTube or iTunes for relevant content–instead, they can use SuccessLife Tokens, which SuccessLife plans to integrate with third-party personal development providers to make SuccessLife Tokens the personal development world’s go-to cryptocurrency.

The Future is Blockchain

Cable is already going the way of the dinosaurs, but streaming content needs to get more flexible, reliable, and customer-friendly to completely supplant it. Blockchain might offer that boost streaming content needs to do away with cable forever.

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