Wanchain News Roundup: WANLab Incubator, Testnet Alpha and 3333

14 May

Wanchain News Roundup: WANLab Incubator, Testnet Alpha and 3333

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Wanchain News Roundup: WANLab Incubator, Testnet Alpha and 3333

Wanchain has continued to steadily develop its platform with the goal of providing a private cross-chain smart contract ecosystem that enabling a confidential distributed financial infrastructure.

Wanchain is up 12.44% over the past 30 days.

WCN’s recent listing on Huobi, the world 3rd largest exchange, saw the network significantly increase its average trading volume with coin currently sitting as one of the exchanges top 10 most active coins. While overall market price correction has seen price fluctuate, WCN has maintained relatively stable growth partially due to this extended reach.


The platforms expansion has also been aided by the announcement of the first round of ICOs to utilize Wanchain both as a transaction platform and an investment vehicle.

Wanchain is creating new distributed financial infrastructure. Cross-chain smart contracts built on Wanchain aims to power the new digital economy.
Wanchain seeks to create a new distributed financial infrastructure, connecting different blockchain networks together to exchange value.

During the April 16th World Blockchain Forum in Dubai, WCN announced the creation of an international accelerator and incubation program called WANLab. This will allow high potential start-up projects to be vetted and have access to increased exposure, networking opportunities and hands-on advice from industry experts within the Wanchain ecosystem.

The team announced six projects that will be channeled through the WANLab accelerator program including:

  1. UTour
  2. AllSpark
  3. GameBank
  4. Abacus
  5. CryptoCurve
  6. Freedium

These projects will act as INDUSTRYChains, operating as industry-specific sidechains that will leverage WCN as the financial back-end to provide their projects with cross-chain functionality.

By fostering the development of new projects through WANLab, the WCN team hopes to provide members with industry-specific resources and support in order to help them navigate the uncharted waters of blockchain development. Wanchain shows a concerted effort to provide investors with a well-crafted dApp ecosystem, as President of Wanchain Dustin Byington states:

“By supporting and mentoring the startups behind quality blockchain applications, Wanchain is seeding quality products into a blockchain industry plagued by hype and half-baked apps.”

3333 Project

In addition to an official in-house incubator, the WCN team will also be collaborating with ZGC Inno Town in order to support innovation and entrepreneurship within the blockchain industry through the 3333 project.

The specialized training camp combines offline and online education with the goal of cultivating talent tailored to the unique challenges of blockchain development. The project’s objectives are to:

“Train 30,000 blockchain talents, cultivate 3,000 elites in the blockchain business, incubate 300 blockchain start-ups and have 30 unicorn companies in 3 years.”

Testnet for Ethereum Integration Live

Wanchain has also announced that the Core 2.0 Testnet will be entering private Alpha at the beginning of May. The initial release will only be open to 50 select community developers, with an open Beta going live at the beginning of June. Both the Alpha and Beta rollouts will have allocated bug bounties to recompense active community members for helping with ongoing development.

The Wanchain Core 2.0 release is the first major milestone for the project, allowing cross-chain connections to the entire Ethereum ecosystem. This will provide full interoperability between both chains, allowing users to perform cross-chain transactions and support multi-chain dApps by utilizing Wanchain as an intermediary transaction layer.

Wanchain’s steady progress in achieving its core development goals and the team’s willingness to collaborate with the broader industry in order to help train blockchain are signs of a strong project.

As the platform continues to spread its reach across more exchanges and users of the upcoming dApps increase, it is possible that the project will show increased growth by providing a well rounded cross-chain solution.

For more information on Wanchain including price, market cap, and social media links, please see our Wanchain coin profile.

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