Tron (TRX) Dogs vs. CryptoKitties

15 Mar

Tron (TRX) Dogs vs. CryptoKitties

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Tron (TRX) Dogs vs. CryptoKitties

Tron Dogs vs CryptoKitties

Tron Dogs vs CryptoKitties! Are you a dog or cat lover?

Cryptokitties took the crypto world by storm towards the end of November and brought in $3 million USD within the first week of launch. Since then, many other crypto games have emerged that give the first decentralized application a run for its money. Tron Dogs has taken over recently, built by, it is run on the Ethereum network. Tron dogs is geared towards the Tron community as users must have TRX to play the game. Both games encompass crypto collectible pets that players can …

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