TRON Coin Retreats, Ripple Extends Losses

6 Apr

TRON Coin Retreats, Ripple Extends Losses

Source: Crypto News
TRON Coin Retreats, Ripple Extends Losses


TRON (TRX) price moved back sharply today after hitting the $0.05 level during Thursday’s trade. The coin lost more than 8% of value to $0.038 in the last twenty-four hours, down 11% in the previous seven days.  TRX coin has been in the news over the last couple of weeks, amid several fundamental moves that could have long-standing implication on its price.

Ranked at the 12th spot based on market capitalization of $2.57 billion, TRX coin has been expanding its penetration in the entertainment industry by offering safer infrastructure necessary for sharing entertainment contents.

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