Secure communications and data for business

22 Feb Secure communications and data for business

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E-mail is a traditional method of communicating on the internet. The earliest version of e-mail was created in 1971, and it has practically not changed since then. All popular providers deliver mail to their servers via an encrypted channel but store everything on servers in an open format that can be accessed by administrators, security services (who are not always honest), algorithms that scan messages to display advertising, and hackers. Traditional encryption algorithms like PGP have some disadvantages: first, they require installing additional software, second, the open keys may be compromised during exchange, and third, the package-oriented structure of PGP makes data streaming somewhat complicated.

Today’s ideal electronic correspondence system must be decentralized, self-manageable and reliable. Modern encryption algorithms are secure, and today’s devices are sufficiently advanced to use on-the-fly encryption. Deploying blockchain technology into new solutions will allow developers to enable secure user identification and create a distributed, autonomous and self-regulating system that will enable you to access your email anytime and anywhere.’s solution is compatible with existing mail protocols (resolved), it does not have a single center for data storage and management (decentralization), Public keys and identification data of users are stored in blockchain and therefore cannot be masqueraded or compromised. Recipient identification is guaranteed, and public keys can’t be replaced by a third party (resolved), all data that is sent and stored is reliably encrypted, with no exception(resolved). There is no message size limit (resolved), no additional software required, everything works in any browser, including those on mobile devices (resolved), The cryptographic architecture is optimized for data streaming and may be adapted to other types of applications, such as group calls, video-conferences, etc. (resolved). There are many other options, that can bee seen on the project’s white paper.

The Token

The token is called SAFE, it was issued according to the ERC20 standard and is a utility token required for the service. The number of tokens issued will be determined after the initial study of demand. The minimum subscription price for the service will be $1 per month. Paying for service will become compulsory after 3 months of use. Half of this amount ($.50) will be retained by the service owners and will be used to cover the costs of maintaining the service. The other half ($.50) will be automatically converted into tokens (SAFE) at the current stock exchange rate, the token holder will get the cash, and the tokens themselves (or their fractions) will go back to service owners.

This way, as the number of active users goes up, the number of SAFE tokens in circulation goes down, that will inevitably ensure constant growth of the token exchange rate, and this process will be infinite. This means that the growth of the SAFE token exchange rate will directly depend on the appeal of service. Therefore 50% of all proceeds from the ICO will be redirected to marketing and advertising the service.

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