10 Jul

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What is

Supercomputer at your fingertips

Use immense Computing Power from wherever you are. It doesn’t matter if you are at your Desktop-PC, Laptop, or even Phone!

Recipient of the BAFA-Grant is the first ever blockchain-project to receive a grant by BAFA (German Federal Office for economic affairs)


Easy Super-Computer-Usage

We developed the with user-friendliness in mind. With a simple dropdown option you can use giant amounts of computing-power’

We support science and universities

With every project you compute on the, part of the tokens get donated to a scientific fund, which scientists can use to calculate their research for free

From Coin to Completion

At first you will buy your tokens. You can buy them here on our site and the tokens get transferred directly into your crypto-wallet. Now you just install the nuco.client on your device and you can start computing. Just choose the calculations you need to compute and in your regular Dropdown menu you have the option “Compute with nuco”. Your Calculations will get split up in data-packages and sent to the, where thousands of individual miners will calculate individual data-packages. No miner will ever see your full project, and neither will we. Your data is completely safe. After computing the nuco.client will calculate exactly how many tokens you used and transfer them  to to the nuco.core, where it will get distributed to the miners. You only pay exactly how much computing power you need. Completely on-demand, with no monthly contracts.

Great future for high-performance applications

The opens the door for new applications that need high computing power to be portable on your smartphone or tablet without needing a supercomputer or server-center on hold in case you need to use the app. The App can use a regular PC as server that uses the to compute everything.

Upkeep of high-performance apps can become cheaper and more developers get the chance to release their app without huge amounts of front-loaded costs. In Addition we use part of the revenue from to fund more science projects for sustainability and technological advancements. This way we make sure that everyone benefits from the technology we created.


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