Nem (XEM), Sirin Labs (SRN), & Ethereum Classic (ETC) Rise

8 Mar

Nem (XEM), Sirin Labs (SRN), & Ethereum Classic (ETC) Rise

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Nem (XEM), Sirin Labs (SRN), & Ethereum Classic (ETC) Rise

Nem (XEM)

The cryptocurrency market is still mostly in the red today, in response to a few speed bumps. Yesterday, third-party apps at Binance glitched and started exchanging investor tokens for Viacoin (VIA) without their consent. Russia and the SEC made more strong public stances against cryptocurrency within the last few days further affecting the market. These circumstances have driven down the entire cryptocurrency market but not all coins are seeing losses today.


Source: CoinMarketCap

NEM (XEM) is leading the top 20 cryptocurrencies today, due to Coincheck’s current announcement. Last month, XEM …

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