27 May


Source: Top ICO List

What is Guider?

In the field of tourism there are too many intermediaries which make our vacation so expensive. Travel is one of the brightest pleasures for a person. Therefore, we have chosen our aim to make the world of tourism more simple and cheap for the traveler.


Of course, we will no be able to cut the guardian knot in one feel swoop, and we will not, as like very much in the field of ICO/IEO, plan to create a mega-platform that changes the world of the whole industry. We chose a small (5% of 2 trillion USD – detailed market research is in our WP) and not very busy niche peer-to-peer interaction of guides and tourists.


We created Guider Platform in it, which provides direct contact of the traveler with the guide on the Uber principle! We try to facilitate and speed up the search for a suitable guide of travelers, and we help guides to reach their potential! At the same time, our aim is to ensure maximum compatibility between the guide and the traveler, from reviews and ratings, to personalized recommendations through neural analysts of accumulated and external Big Data. We are for open borders, for immersion in the environment of local residents, for a new experience of communication!

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