26 Apr


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No need for trust in a central authority. Most times, our information and money are being entrusted to governments and companies. There are various scenarios where the trust we have in third parties usually lets us down. Trust in various areas ranging from letting a product to back up all your photos to allow the startup to be bought or thrown out of business.

Likeliness of a single point of failure – Single point of failure that results from outages caused by centralization websites is rampant. Consider a scenario where Gmail shuts down thereby causing a halt in productivity as you are hindered from accessing your email.

Less censorship -Governments have access to shut down citizen’s social media access whenever they want to censor reports of internal occurrences. If the government wishes to stop the operations on twitter, for instance, they only need to stop traffic going to twitter’s central data. In the case of peer to peer network, it is very difficult to censor traffic.

What is Dynatiq?

On Dynatiq, you can sell your online business (including domains, websites, source codes). Dynatiq is decentralized service with 0% fee. With the aid of our technology, we will provide decentralized blockchain system for traffic or domain verification thereby preventing anyone from getting scammed

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