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10 Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow For DeFi

Source: Coin Gecho 10 Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow For DeFi Where do interesting crypto conversations take place? Twitter. Yes, Crypto Twitter is a thing and decentralized finance (DeFi) is a hot topic. Between dank memes and debates, Crypto Twitter is eager to get the ball rolling on transforming old financial products into "trustless" and […]

Crypto Investors are Not Profiting

Source: Crypto Spectator Crypto Investors are Not Profiting On-chain data shows that crypto investors are not taking profit, however, they are still holding on even in the face of economic uncertainty and the strong performance of bitcoin. It may come quite shocking but by the data on the 15th of June, 60.63% of all of […]

ProperSix IEO Token Sale Review

Source: ICO Ranker (Medium) ProperSix IEO Token Sale Review ProperSix describes itself as a “unique, decentralised ecosystem based on 5th generation blockchain technology.” Apparently, they’re offering six products: 1: Fifth-generation blockchain 2: The “world’s fastest exchange” 3: The “worlds first blockchain casino” 4: PRO6 NextGen Coin 5: Something called the “Prestige Network” 6: White label solutions, […]

Cryptosteel Capsule Review

Source: Coin Gecho Cryptosteel Capsule Review Back in early 2017, I had the opportunity to review the original version of Cryptosteel. Recently, Cryptosteel announced that it is launching a new version, called Cryptosteel Capsule. The original version has since been renamed Cryptosteel Cassette.  Cryptosteel Capsule is offline storage that allows you to store highly sensitive […]

Changelog Speaker Spotlight – Reuben Yap, COO of Zcoin

Source: Coin Gecho Changelog Speaker Spotlight – Reuben Yap, COO of Zcoin CoinGecko will be hosting sixteen exciting crypto projects at the upcoming Changelog stage during Invest Asia 2019 happening on 11-12 September 2019. The Changelog stage offers projects the opportunity to share important updates and development roadmap with conference attendees. In this edition of Changelog Speaker Spotlight, […]

Perlin (PERL) IEO

Source: ICO Ranker (Medium) Perlin (PERL) IEO Offers scalable, leaderless, PoS smart contract platform Platform ensures security properties of Bitcoin with private chain speed Company has established relationships with distribution partners Team is highly skilled in blockchain development Perlin (PERL) Perlin (PERL) offers a scalable, PoS smart contract platform with a throughput of 31,000+ TPS […]