Bitcoin Stuck Below $7,000 As Analysts Call it ‘Worthless’

6 Apr

Bitcoin Stuck Below $7,000 As Analysts Call it ‘Worthless’

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Bitcoin Stuck Below ,000 As Analysts Call it ‘Worthless’

Bitcoin Stuck below $7,000

Bitcoin (BTC) price has been facing stiff resistance from bears in creating a sustainable rally above the $7000 mark over the last week. BTC price crossed the $7500 level during Wednesday trading before plunging back to $6600 on Thursday; the coin trades around $6700 today and the market pundits envisage BTC price to make further price corrections.

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Though some analysts are correlating the bitcoin price movement to the U.S. stock markets, there is a huge difference between market fundamentals of both markets. U.S. stock markets have been fumbling on trade …

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