AMCHART – Social Wallet Partnership

4 Apr

AMCHART – Social Wallet Partnership

Source: AmChart ICO (Reddit)
AMCHART – Social Wallet Partnership

AMCHART ( has partnered with a new platform Social Wallet ( to allow our users/patients a new way to move tokens through our incentive based platform.

When our platform is released and patients begin accessing our network, they will be able to earn tokens through maintaining their health record, stay within a healthcare plan, and give permissioned access to healthcare data they generate. Over time, this could lead to substantial tokens accumulated on our platform and through Social Wallet, you can send tokens directly to family or friends through the Social Wallet platform using their wallet, Twitter, Facebook, or email.

AMCHART ( is excited to be partnering with Social Wallet ( on this new endeavor and look forward to how it benefits our patients in the near future.

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