SSL Certificate details

Standard SSL

  • Single Domain – C$64.99/yr
  • Multiple Domains UCC – C$77.99/yr
  • Wildcard – Single Domains with Unlimited Sub Domains – C$259.99/yr

Verifies your domain control & secures your site.

  • Domain validated
  • Issued within minutes
  • C$135,465 warranty

Premium SSL

  • Single Domain – C$129.99/yr
  • Multiple Domains UCC – C$447.99/yr

Most extensive validation. Ideal for eCommerce.

  • Domain and company validated
  • Trusted green browser bar
  • Free 1 year Standard SSL‡‡
  • C$1,354,646 warranty
  • Free DNSSEC to Secure Your DNS

Protect transactions and customer data with a SSL Certificate.

• Pay up to 90% LESS and get your certificate FAST!

• Protects against session hijacking attacks, including Firesheep.

• Secure UNLIMITED servers. Compare that to other Certification Authorities that charge for licensing on each server.

• No Technical Difference between our certificates and any other major Certification Authority.

• 99.9% browser recognition and up to 256-bit encryption.

• Get Industry-best service and support!

• Improve security with our client-side authentication.

Why Choose a Quantus Technical Solutions SSL Certificate?

• Fully validated

• Up to 256-bit encryption

• Valid up to 5 years (depending on certificate type)

• 99% browser recognition

• Stringent authentication

• Phone, email and Web support

• Warranty (up to C$1,354,646)

• Covers an unlimited number of servers (other Certification Authorities charge for every server)

For more information or to purchase then go to our website ( or visit the following product link:

New Campaigns


Hello Everybody!

Great news. We have been able to work with various vendors and partners and will now be offering various decommissioning and migration services to our clients.  If you notice that you have any products in the list then get in touch and see how you can save 10% on any work performed to upgrade you to supported hardware/software.



Microsoft SQL Server 2005 EOL

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 EOL

MicrosoftWindows Server 2000 & 2003 EOL

Microsoft Windows XP EOL



Dell SonicWall







Palo Alto


Business Contact Details



Owner Email:

Cell: (902) 229-8844

Direct: (902) 200-0352

Toll Free: (888) 622-1855, Ext. 101

Fax: (877) 694-0419

Sales: / (888) 622-1855 Opt 1

Technical Support: / (888) 622-1855 Opt 2


Service Offerings


We have many service offerings to announce including:

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