The importance of a cybersecurity framework

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Source: Security Magazine
The importance of a cybersecurity framework

A framework allows for standardization of service delivery that improves efficiency and margin. Many organizations implement frameworks to establish a common language among themselves and clients. For example, frameworks allow you to align conversations with customers on what they want “good” to look like. Why is having a cybersecurity framework so important?  When it comes to cybersecurity, a framework serves as a system of standards, guidelines, and best practices to manage risks that arise in a digital world. A cybersecurity framework prioritizes a flexible, repeatable and cost-effective approach to promote the protection and resilience of your business. It’s important to realize that cybersecurity helps with the growth of your business. Using a framework to align controls like local, offline, and cloud backups will improve resilience from any attack or reliance on hardware. As an MSP, the extra work of building out a process will fall onto you, but will allow you to hold your clients accountable and vice versa.  

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