Welcome to a new way to help patients get WELL

2 Feb

Welcome to a new way to help patients get WELL

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Welcome to a new way to help patients get WELL

WELL Benefits

Studies show that 64% of American adults are interested in video consultations with doctors, with many adults actually preferring to see a doctor virtually than in-person. For medical professionals WELL provides the ability to see patients on one’s own terms. That means second opinions, consultations and prescription services without having to travel to the office, increasing the number of patients that can be seen while decreasing the hassle, and giving doctors greater control over their hours. For elderly patients, patients with disabilities, or people living in remote areas, WELL isn’t just a convenience, it can be the difference between getting to see a doctor in a timely manner or not—and it’s a way for doctors to expand their practice and serve communities in need. And because WELL’s platform is global, you can live in the United States and see a patient in China, or the other way around. Not only that, but in the face of a global shortage of healthcare workers, WELL is democratizing healthcare, making it available in areas that are otherwise underserved. Finally WELL is cost-effective, reducing the overhead associated with billing, insurance, facilities and personnel.

How WELL works

WELL’s platform is made up of a global network of highly vetted medical professionals who, together, deliver healthcare 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Built on blockchain technology for easy payment and secure data accessibility, users access the platform by purchasing WELL tokens (cryptocurrency or fiat), which can be used to pay for doctor’s visits. The use of WELL tokens eliminates cross-border payment problems, making global healthcare a reality. WELL’s HIPAA compliant blockchain platform decentralizes medical records, handing patients control over their data, which they can share with doctors as they wish. That means more access to patient medical histories, test results, and procedures, enabling doctors to provide better care. WELL’s telemedicine provider features include remote monitoring, connectivity with patient devices, and video and conferencing capabilities. In 2017 WELL conducted over 13,000 patient visits through its growing network of 1,600 medical professionals.

Today WELL works with companies such as:

•       Medicare
•       myMatrixx®
•       Optum
•       Century Pacific Medical, Inc.
•       Medi-Cal
•       Veteran Affairs
•       Tricare
•       Medicare Advantage
•       several HMO/PPO plans
•       self-pay/private pay
•       dozens of hospitals
•       assisted living facilities
•       hospices
•       over two hundred home healthcare agencies

Do good by doing WELL

WELL’s social mission of “doing good by doing WELL” is an integral part of what drives the company, and it aims to correct the severe shortage and uneven global distribution of healthcare workers. For each visit purchased through its platform WELL pays for a tele-visit free of charge for patients in underserved communities.

To find out more about WELL, visit https://joinwell.io. For media inquiries, please contact [email protected]

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