Ultrashares ICO

16 Apr

Ultrashares ICO

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Ultrashares ICO

The goal of this ICO project is twofold:

(1) Global commercialization of Leveraged Blockchain-Traded Notes (BTN), our patented cryptocurrency trading instruments;

(2) Development and integration of more BTN products to rapidly increase the revenue and net profit. Our patented BTN series provides today’s cryptocurrency traders with a low-priced anytime access to cryptocurrencies in rising price conditions (bull market) as well as in falling price conditions (bear market) with leveraged (multiplied) trading profit opportunities. Credit Washington has already developed the first product of the Ultrashares series: UET – Ultrashares 2x Bull ETHUSDT; DET Ultrashares 2x Bear ETHUSDT. As of this writing (March 1, 2018), the net profit of UET/DET is projected to be over $16 million per year.This ICO project will enable us to develop and integrate more products to support other cryptocurrencies and various leverage levels (for example 3x in addition to 2x), growing along with the overall growth of the cryptocurrency market.Our know-how and patent ownership will enable us to rapidly expand our business in this regard, resulting in a leveraged BTN package generating approximately $100 million net profit after the first full profit year, given a rather underestimated cryptocurrency market cap growth of 12%/year. The more growth, the more revenue and net profit. Global investors are invited to participated in our business hereby offering 10% of Ultrashares.io ownership (10 million Credit Washington Share – CWS coins on sale). The fund will be used for marketing and business expansion (0.5 million CWS), enhancement and additional app development of Ultrashares.io (0.5 million CWS), development and integration of the second product (2x Bull and Bear Bitcoin – UBTC and DBTC), and the hedge asset that is necessary to start Ultraseries.io in the mass market. This ICO will enable us to provide today’s cryptocurrency investors and traders with the much demanded bidirectional and leveraged trading instruments, stimulating and encouraging the continuous and healthy growth of the cryptocurrency market.One CWS is guaranteed to be 0.000001% of Ultrashares.io’s Net Asset at all times. The Net Asset is automatically calculated, recorded, and published on ultrashares.io in real time, so you always know your amount. Visit http://www.ultrashares.io/ICO to secure your CWS.

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