23 Apr


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About Dona

Sharing the successful experience of donation with encryption currency. Platform “”dona”” to make donation more familiar. Our dona platform was born to make donations more familiar. The market of donation is increasing now. However, the social contribution culture has various problems.

For example,

・Uncertainty of donation use and low reliability for donation destination

・Low interest in donation support groups

・High remittance fee

・A difference of needs. (For example people who need it, timing, amount of donation,and etc.)We solve these problems with the help of block chain technology.

That is the mission of our dona platform.

<How it works>

●Block chain technology With this technology, the flow of donation is open to public and can not be tampered with.

● dona coin ~ makes world a little bit better ~You can make a donation using your own cryptocurrency “”dona coin””.Eventually through the exchange, we aim that people all over the world use it.

● dona platform – Recipient who will receiving assistance launch a support plan for dona platform and register. Supporters can choose them freely. By this, we will realize donation to support activities directly without intermediate organization.


・Use traceIncrease the reliability of donation, clarify whether donation will be used for anything, and reduce commissions.

・Response viewDeliver Recipients voice.

・Donation CycleYou can encourage the activation of donation activities with gamification theory. We will establish a community by connection supporters and recipients directly.

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