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ABOUT CuraToken:

We’re solving an enormous real-world problem by helping patients take their medications properly
Every day, millions of people fail to take their medications as prescribed and the resulting personal and financial costs are staggering. Worldwide, non-adherence results in $700 billion in avoidable medical costs.

The data we create is unique and has enormous value to pharmaceutical companies, researchers and governments.
Every time a patient uses our CuraServe technology, our data grows in utility and value.

Curaizon™ solves drug non-adherence problem by deploying our technology through national health services. As part of our solution, we collect fully anonymized data about how and when patients take medications.
CuraTokens™ are the only way to access our data. Tokens can be redeemed to access the data, which will advance medical research, drive down healthcare costs and save lives.

The value of a CuraToken™ is based on a real solution to a real problem.


Nicholas James Rumble CEO Nicholas has a background in mathematics and economics and spent much of his working life inside investment banking. Most recently he was responsible for Saxo Bank’s Asia Pacific and Australasian operations. He was heavily engaged in both retail and institutional client relationships and was instrumental in pioneering new trading technologies. He brings more than 20 years of business experience and knows how to bring great teams of people together and execute high-level plans; especially where technology plays a key role.

Chris Matey CFO Chris has an MBA in finance as well as a JD. He has experience as a financial analyst, director and executive as well as experience across startup and technology companies as well as an entrepreneur. In his roles at OrderTrust™ and CyberCash™ he developed high-volume payment related products deployed around the world. In his work as a consultant he has worked with a wide variety of companies around the world providing strategic analysis and fundraising support.

Darran Trute CTO Darran has delivered a range of IT solutions for clients ranging from blue chip companies to not for profits. He currently specializes in blockchain related projects providing technical expertise to address real world issues. Darran also has extensive experience in pioneering health sector redesign to meet the considerable demands of an aging population with multiple, complex health needs.

Andrey Verbitsky ICO Director Andrey has designed more than 80 tokens and is widely considered a leading expert in token economics and crypto-currencies. He has consulted across a range of industries, advising on ICO’s and blockchain application strategies to drive business impact and bring value to investors, founders, and end users. He brings enormous experience and expertise in technology, economics and behavioral science with over 20 years’ experience in telecommunications, product management and consulting, working with multiple Tier 1 clients across the globe.

Luke Lerdal CDO (Chief Data Officer) Luke has an extensive background in data modeling and systems. He has led complex data analysis projects with an emphasis on big data. His responsibilities include overseeing the data integration and data structure of CuraServe™ and CuraData™.

Rory McCrea Advisor Rory has been described by the UK’s Financial Times as a “Health Entrepreneur”. He gained this reputation for his farsighted innovation as Chairman of ChilversMcCrea Healthcare, co-founding and overseeing, from startup in 2001 through to successful transfer in 2010 to a Trade Partner, a network of over 40 NHS General Practices and Urgent Care services across England and Wales. Rory has also been highly influential in the public sector having been a Medical Director with NHS West Essex for over a decade before becoming Director of Clinical Transformation with The West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group. Rory will be a driving force behind the adoption of Curaizon’s™ technology across multiple national healthcare services. Rory has been an advisory board member of Curaizon’s™ since 2015.

Sarah Chilvers Advisor Sarah has spent her life working in, and with, the UK’s National Health Service. First as a registered nurse and a health visitor and then in NHS management. Sarah went on to complete her Professional Doctorate at The Middlesex University in 2004, specializing in new ways of delivering healthcare and has been working to drive innovation and clinical excellence for more than 25 years. Winner of the Laing and Buisson Independent Healthcare Award in 2008 for Entrepreneurial Achievement, Sarah has a perfect mix of clinical and business experience that has proven invaluable in her advisory role at Curaizon™ since 2015. She is responsible for integrating our clinical trials and the adoption of our technologies across multiple national health services.

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