Be Safe, Be Smart With Digital Currency Investing

16 Apr

Be Safe, Be Smart With Digital Currency Investing

Source: Bitcoinist
Be Safe, Be Smart With Digital Currency Investing allows users to buy, sell and invest in digital currencies through a managed cryptocurrency portfolio for a projected minimum of 200% annual returns.

With holdings of a significant amount of assets through a wide range of cryptocurrency, users can buy, sell or invest in cryptocurrency without paying fees on transactions. The first to introduce off-chain transactions, which in insight innovates upon the fundamental underlying technology Bitcoin and blockchain is built on, along with other cryptocurrencies, the feature provides users with significant upside, especially for traders. As investors are able to avoid paying traditional transaction fees, users are able to open positions across a wide variety of cryptocurrencies at guaranteed best prices.

One of our main priorities as an innovating platform that focuses on fundamental improvements that make the platform seamless to use. Users are able to sign up within minutes and have access to leading market instruments, latest news and the ability to buy, sell or invest digital currency instantly.

The platform provides real-time market price tracking across a variety of tradable digital currencies, transaction history, instantaneous order executions and dedicated customer support. CoinJolt offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies that users have the ability to trade throughout a wide range of established capitalized digital currencies.

Users are able to invest in a managed cryptocurrency portfolio with a conservative projected minimum of 200% annual returns. Utilizing sound investment principles with initial coin offerings, trading highly volatile established capitalized digital currencies with plausible underlying blockchain technology that has widespread potential for mass adoption across multiple sectors, and by focusing on companies with a proven track record of success combined with over a decade of experience in portfolio management, now specifically focused on cryptocurrency, our portfolio in cryptocurrency yields far better returns to any comparing investable asset class or financial instruments, such as low-interest savings accounts, IRAs, traditional mutual funds and inaccessible private equity funds.

Users are able to deposit funds, buy and sell digital currency instantly with zero fees and have access to a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies. CoinJolt eliminates the stress, emotional consequences and barriers that come with investing. Click here to create an account at and invest today.

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