A2B Taxi, hailing service

10 Feb

A2B Taxi, hailing service

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A2B Taxi, hailing service
A2B Taxi, hailing service

The mission of A2B is to eliminate all the worries related to the short-haul journeys in urban areas and to establish the united system of transportation across big cities (the ones with the population above 500,000 people) in Europe. This system, known as A2B app for mobile devices, will provide the most reliable taxi service with only licensed drivers, which is not a common thing nowadays taking all the trendy private hire companies into account.

Taxi is considered as a very attractive way of commuting. Around 80% of people are completely satisfied with the taxi trips they had. Taxis are involved only in 1% of road accidents in the biggest cities in Europe, given the fact that this industry has around one tenth – one fifth of the overall traffic. Taxis are quite flexible, for example, as opposed to mainstream public transport (buses, metro, trains, etc.), taxis are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Another convenience for the customer is the possibility to avoid any extra walking. Despite of the steady growth of popularity of various platforms for private drivers, they are still unavailable in many European countries. As the costs of investment might not be affordable or these platforms do not consider a particular country as their new target, the further development of traditional taxi services is probably the most suitable option for both people in the industry and the customers and A2B Taxi is more than constitute a step in the right direction.

A2B Taxi platform

The current situation in the market has inspired the team to create the platform, specifically designed to connect customers with professional and accredited drivers directly. The customers will be able to order the services via an application on the smartphone and all requests will be sent to the driver who can pick up the customer. The payment for the driver will be completed electronically and in case of success this system will be available in up to 46 cities across Europe. In A2B Taxi platform only the licensed drivers will be allowed to work. It will not cause any legal consequences. In some cases A2B Taxi will work in partnership with existing Taxi companies, while in other cases A2B will cooperate directly with taxi drivers who are working independently. All A2B Taxi drivers will be verified before entering the system and will have to pass requirements.


It will take around 9 months to create and test the platform. After the official release, the platform will work only in Vilnius, for the first three months, to gather and analyze data. Later the platform will be released in other cities in Europe at a rate of 1-2 per month. In two years it will be released in all the planned cities.

To find out more check:https://a2btaxi.io

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