30 Sep, 2018

ZEON Network is proud to announce partnership with Binance’s Official Wallet — Trust, Ethereum…

Source: Zeon – Facebook

ZEON Network is proud to announce partnership with Binance’s Official Wallet — Trust, Ethereum wallet, that supports ERC20 compatible tokens.

The partnership will help ZEON customers to store and transfer ZNC tokens easily and securely through the Trust Wallet infrastructure. At the same time as the ZEON wallet is in development.

According to ZEON’s advisor Larry Cameron,

“We are doing our best to deliver value to the future token holders of the ZEON Network. Enabling seamless storage and transfer of ZNC is one of the most important aspects of building a token-enabled ecosystem with integration with ZEON Card by Visa.”

One of the main listing’s aspects on Binance exchange is the activity of project’s community so lets show that ZEON astronauts is the leading one in the crypto industry:

1.Sign up www.dashboard.zeon.network

2.Download Trust Wallet by referral link http://bit.ly/ze0nbinance

3.After an installation please enter this url http://bit.ly/ze0ntrustwallet to add ZNC to Binance’s Trust Wallet automatically.

4.Enter your ETH address in the form http://bit.ly/ze0nairdrop3 to GET 500 ZNC FOR FREE. You can transfer your main ETH address to Trust Wallet and your favorite tokens will be there.

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