7 Jul, 2018

preCharge (Ping) is a 15yr old Merchant fraud protection company gone Blockchain!

Source: preCharge – Reddit

Multi Million and Billion Dollar companies will use who they TRUST = TRUE!

preCharge (Ping) is a 15yr old Merchant fraud protection company gone Blockchain! They are already a Global leader in user authentication.

Already trusted by Hundreds of Big Corporations.

(IBM just announced their funding and backing of the preCharge Blockchain)

At&t, Akamai, Neustar are on board as well!

preCharge is rolling out Gamechanging tech to Consumers and Small-Mid size businesses for FREE!

Small-Mid size businesses will receive a Free upgraded (PoS) credit/debit/crypto checkout devices. All crypto transactions are Free all other transactions at cost!

For consumers:

preCharge (Ping) has a Free SECURE web wallet that allows for instant transfers from bank to wallet from wallet to bank or peer2peer NO FEES! Send Fiat, BTC & Alts by email Instantly almost anywhere in the world!

Consumers also will receive a Digital debit card App on Cell, as well as a hard (RFID) chipped debit 💛GOLD, 💙PLATINUM or 🖤BLACK card also FREE!

Here's the kicker…..

ALREADY ACCEPTED AT MILLIONS OF MERCHANTS that use contactless payment (RFID) chip readers. The ones that don't we will upgrade!

In addition their utility token which is already listed on exchanges, will also be spendable on Coinbase Marketplace!

preCharge is also Launching their own exchange this June 2018 Any amount of money or coins deposited will receive a 100% match if done before Aug.15, 2018! 😮

You can email Fiat money or cryptocurrencies

BTC or Alts Instantly and for FREE to almost anywhere in the world!

NO FEES (Banks pay preCharge to protect the BIN# of wallet holders) = NO consumer FEES!

+ Military grade security!


(so good in fact several Exchanges have already signed up to integrate preCharges proprietary tech into their Logins)😉

Currently sold at 1cent/token.

Please visit the website using the link below


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