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Did we say airdrop?

Source: Zeon – Reddit ZEON Airdrop 😱 Last week we start ZEON PoC AIRDROP. 🔥 Our dashboard is ready ( )✅ We have integrated the airdrop in the main dashboard where users have a chance to claim ZNC.♥️ There are only 5 SIMPLE ACTIONS that you have to do to receive FREE ZNC. Sign […]

Invest in Zeon with almost any currency, fiat or crypto

Source: Zeon – Reddit A Multicurrency Dashboard with wallets for 11 coins. Our investor's cabinet allows you to accept payments made for the project's tokens in any popular cryptocurrency: LTC, BCH, XRP, ADA, XLM, EOS, XMR, DASH, MIOTA + FIAT Kirill Levin, Technology & Marketing WWW.ZEON.NETWORK ZEON Telegram: submitted by /u/dfiander [link] […]

Our dashboard is available in many languages

Source: Zeon – Reddit Don't forget our dashboard is available in many languages so you can get assistance any where in the world. 🌎 English, Russian, Chinese and German languages are included in ZEON investor's dashboard. 🙌 Roma Senishin, Media & Community WWW.ZEON.NETWORK ZEON Telegram: submitted by /u/dfiander [link] [comments]

Security of the dashboard

Source: Zeon – Reddit The cabinet is protected by special intrusion detection mechanisms, and the cabinet has been tested for vulnerability by an independent information security agency with CCNA, CEH, RISSPA certificates and that is listed on the professional community of RISC and Skolkovo Cybersecurity Foundations. Chinka Gupta, Blockchain WWW.ZEON.NETWORK ZEON Telegram: submitted […]


Source: Zeon – Reddit Unfortunately the internet is full of fraudulent investment sites. I already lost a lot with this, because the investment site is 1 month and goes away with my money. Does ZEON have any solutions to this? To prevent people from turning off my coins? submitted by /u/fsfraga [link] […]
8 Jun, 2018