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13 Oct, 2018

preCharge Bounty: 50% of Sponsorship PLUS $2.50 per referred Wallet User

Source: preCharge – Reddit preCharge launching in 2 days. Debit cards, no fees exchange, global merchants etc. Upcoming preCharge eXchange Launch. – Initial release will be to all beta testers and ambassadors in the next 36 hours. – Final public release will be within 36 hours of that. – All preCharge tokens holders will be […]
12 Oct, 2018
12 Oct, 2018
11 Oct, 2018

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Source: preCharge – Reddit Pleasant Day to people around the GLOBE if yoh are a #preCharge #PCPiholder Join HERE📷👇📷👇 To get the most awaited news for this coming OCT 15.18 #PRECHARGE launching its OWN EXCHANGE GOOGLE/GOOGLE+ FACEBOOK…/ TWITTER INSTAGRAM REDDIT YOUTUBE… submitted by /u/GenaAchu [link] […]
10 Oct, 2018
10 Oct, 2018


Source: preCharge – Reddit COUNTDOWN 5 MORE DAYS TO GO!!!! PreCharge 100% Deposit Bonus active for the next 5 days. About 5 days we launch our own exchange. #preCharge the fastest #blockchain ever! Get your 100% bonus now. #nascar #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrency #CryptoNews submitted by /u/GenaAchu [link] [comments]
9 Oct, 2018